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Korean Journal of Food Preservation. Vol. 26, No. 2, 2019

Development of a predictive model for growth of Listeria monocytogenes on cooked sausage in cold storage in the household
가정에서 냉장보관 중인 소시지에서의 Listeria monocytogenes에 대한 성장 예측 모델 개발
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(2):135-140.
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Evaluating the quality stability of black vinegar-based salad sauce during storage
현미흑초 기반 샐러드 소스의 저장 중 품질안정성 평가
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(2):141-147.
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Bioconversion of glycosides isoflavones to aglycone isoflavones by Lactobacillus rhamnosus BHN-LAB 76 under anaerobic conditions
혐기성조건에서 Lactobacillus rhamnosus에 의한 배당체 이소플라본의 비배당체 이소플라본으로의 생물전환
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(2):148-156.
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Increased production of GABA in non-alcoholic Makgeolli by optimization of lactic acid fermentation using Lactobacillus plantarum
비알콜 쌀막걸리의 젖산 발효 최적화를 통한 고농도 GABA 생산
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(2):157-164.
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Antioxidant properties and oxidative stability of oregano seed ethanol extract
오레가노 종자 에탄올 추출물의 항산화 특성 및 유지 산화안정성에 미치는 영향
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(2):165-173.
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Physicochemical characteristics and antioxidant capacities of peach fruits in the development stages
성숙 시기별 복숭아 과일의 이화학적 특성과 항산화능
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(2):174-178.
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Quality characteristics of tea of Tenebrio molitor larvae according to manufacturing methods
제조 방법에 따른 갈색거저리 유충 차의 품질특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(2):179-184.
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Quality characteristics and antioxidant activity of bitter melon (Momordica charantia L.) dried by different methods
건조방법에 따른 여주의 품질특성 및 항산화 활성
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(2):185-193.
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Effect of ethanol leaching conditions on the properties of liqueur prepared from Citrus junos fruit peels
유자 과피의 담금 조건이 침출주의 품질특성에 미치는 영향
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(2):194-200.
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Physicochemical and biological properties of Gochujang in the presence of fermented apple products
사과 발효액을 이용한 고추장의 이화학적 및 생리활성
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(2):201-210.
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Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity on sea tangle (Laminaria japonica) adding vinegar
다시마(Laminaria japonica) 첨가에 따라 제조된 식초의 항산화 및 항염증 활성 비교
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(2):211-218.
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Analysis of monosaccharide composition of fucoidan from Sargassum horneri using UPLC-DAD-TOF/MS combined with precolumn derivatization by 3-methyl-1-phenyl-5-pyrazolone
3-Methyl-1-phenyl-5-pyrazolone 유도체화와 UPLC-TOF/MS를 이용한 괭생이모자반 유래 푸코이단의 단당류의 조성 분석
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(2):219-227.
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Comparison of biological activity between Stellaria aquatica seed extracts
쇠별꽃 종자 추출물의 생리활성 효능 비교
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(2):228-237.
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Investigating the effect of Crataegus pinnatifida, a functional food, on cognition and memory deficit
인지 및 기억 개선 기능성 식품으로서 산사의 효과
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(2):238-245.
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Research Note
Free radical scavenging and α-glucosidase inhibitory activities of the extracts of Dystaenia takesimana from Ulleung Island
울릉 섬바디 추출물의 라디칼 소거 및 α-glucosidase 저해 활성
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(2):246-252.
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