Template File

Checklist (English)

1. General guideline

∘ Manuscript contained one original manuscript, checklist, statement of copyright transfer, and introduction for authors and was dispatched via e-mail (Statement of copyright transfer should be dispatched via PDF file).

∘ Manuscript should be typed in Hangul word processor or other word processors with a space of 30 mm from upper, lower, left and right margin, 10.0 pt in font size, and line space of 200%.

∘ Text consists of cover page, title page, abstract, main text, and references. Tables and figures in separate pages.

∘ Main text consisted of Introduction, Materials and Methods, and Results and Discussion.

2. Cover page

∘ Title, name of authors, and affiliation were described both in English (and in Korean).

∘ In lower area of cover page, running title (less than 50 characters including space), the name, e-mail, telephone, fax of the corresponding author or presentation in the scientific meeting were described.

3. Abstract and key words

∘ Word count was equal to or less than 220.

∘ A total number of word count was described below abstract.

∘ Key words were described from MeSH in Medline if possible.

4. Main text

∘ The other of the subtitle was described according to the Instruction to Authors.

∘ References in the main text were described according to the Instruction to Authors.

5. References

∘ All articles in references were cited in the main text.

∘ Abbreviated title of the journals was those from Medline or Korea Med.

∘ All references were written in English.

∘ The reference style was followed by the Instruction to Authors.

∘ PDF file for the journal reference which is not indexed in KoreaMed or PubMed was included.

6. Tables and figures

∘ The title and legends of table and figures were written in English.

∘ Photos were in required format.

∘ The numbers of table and figures were described according to the Instruction to Authors.

7. Research ethics

∘ Authors declare that this research conducted under the guidance of research ethics for The Korean Journal of Food Preservation.