Article Processing Charges

A page charge is levied on all original research manuscripts. The page fee is waived for invited reviews and research articles in English, with the exception of color printing and fast track. The actual charges per printed page will be communicated to the corresponding author along with the manuscript for galley proofs. The publication charge is 50,000 Korean Won (USD 50) per page, and an additional charge is applicable for the fast track and color printing of images. If significant errors are discovered after publication, the editorial team should be notified so that the errata can be published. In case of errors due to the author's mistake, the cost of publishing the errata shall be borne by the author.

Journal Title Change

We announce that the title of our journal and related information were changed as below from January, 2024.


Before (~2023.12)

After (2024.01~)

Journal Title

Korean Journal of Food Preservation

Food Science and Preservation

Journal Abbreviation

Korean J. Food Preserv.

Food Sci. Preserv.







Journal Homepage


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