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Peer Review

All manuscripts submitted to Korean Journal of Food Preservation (pISSN : 1738-7248, eISSN : 2287-7428, Korean J Food Preserv, KJFP) are subject to peer review. Manuscripts that fail to meet the standard or are poorly written or formatted are rejected by the Editor-in-Chief without further review. In addition, the manuscript might be declined without a peer review process, if it is judged to be beyond the scope of the journal, in violation of research ethics, such as duplication or plagiarism, lack of novelty, unclear research results, poorly written or inconsistent format according to submission guidelines. The corresponding author may recommend the names and affiliations of less than four potential reviewers, including email addresses and telephone numbers; however, the listed scholars may not necessarily be selected as reviewers.

Based on the field of the submitted manuscript, the Editor-in-Chief assigns an editor, who will be in charge of — selecting reviewers and handling their comments, forwarding them to the corresponding author for his/her response, the final decision, and checking the accepted manuscripts in suitable format.

For the peer review, a submitted manuscript is assessed by two or more reviewers to decide whether to accept them or not; the reviewers must provide their comments and suggestions to authors within two weeks.

The decision by reviewers will be one of the following:

① Accept in present form

② Accept after minor revisions

③ Reconsideration after major revisions

④ Reject

The editor makes a final decision after receiving the reviewers’ opinions and sends the details to the corresponding author within one week. The corresponding author should re-submit the revised manuscript and item wise responses to reviewers’ comments within one month, if the decision is “Accept after minor revisions” or “Reconsideration after major revisions.” The list of authors and reviewers of the submitted manuscript is not disclosed, while the review and revision details are disclosed to the authors only. On the e-submission system, the corresponding author may track the progress of his/her manuscript at any time by logging onto the journal web site.

Korean Journal of Food Preservation

Korean Journal of Food Preservation (KJFP) has opened a new submission system to further develop internationally.
All users of the submission system, please use the site after registering as a member through the Sign up button below.
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Please use the existing web site (http://article.kosfop.or.kr) to review and submit revised manuscripts for previously submitted papers.


We look forward to your continued interest in and submission of papers to KJFP in the future. Thank you.


KJFP Editorial Team

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