Copyright Transfer Agreement

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Copyright transfer agreement (English)

If or when above cited manuscript is accepted for publication, copyright is hereby transferred to The Korean Society of Food Preservation. The undersigned confirm that neither the manuscript nor any part of it has been published elsewhere. The following statements are comprehended by the undersigned.

1. The author(s) has right to reuse the article or parts in a collection of their works, in noncommercial textbook, in lecture notes, press releases, and review articles, with the express agreement that full bibliographic references be given to the original copyrighted source.

2. Whenever the Korean Society of Food Preservation is asked for permission by others to use or reprint the article except for classroom use, the undersigned author's permission will be required.

3. No proprietary right other than copyright is claimed by The Korean Society of Food Preservation.

4. Authors declare that this research conducted under the guidance of research ethics for Korean Journal of Food Preservation.

This agreement must be signed by a corresponding author who has the consent of all authors.