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Copyright transfer agreement (English)

The above manuscript was first submitted to the Korean Journal of Food Preservation (KJFP) and has not been published elsewhere. The corresponding author confirms that all authors agree with the content of the manuscript and the publication procedure and agree with the following:

When the above manuscript is accepted for publication in the KJFP, it is agreed that the copyright of this manuscript belongs to the Korean Society of Food Preservation (KoSFoP) under the following conditions.

The lead author has the right to revise, orally present, and distribute the manuscript for non-profit purposes such as education. In addition, when the author uses the contents of an article for his/her own academic writing or for the unique internal business of the affiliated institution, the publication or distribution is not restricted.

The KoSFoP has the right to use, print, and distribute the contents of this article only for the purpose of disseminating and exchanging academic information, which is the original responsibility of the KoSFoP. The KoSFoP does not have ownership of intellectual property rights other than copyrights.

The authors confirm that the research for this article was conducted in compliance with the research ethics regulations of the KoSFoP.

The following representative author agrees with the above by signing on behalf of all the authors.

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