Editorial Board (2024.01.01-2024.12.31)


Kwon, Joong-Ho
Kyungpook National University, Korea

Editor-in-Chief (Abroad)

Ahn, Dong Uk
Iowa State University, USA

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Lee, Jeung-Hee
Daegu University, Korea


Kim, Soo Rin
Kyungpook National University, Korea
Park, Me-Hea
Nat’l Inst. Horticultural & Herbal Sci. RDA, Korea
Kim, Hyun-Jin
Gyeongsang National University, Korea
Kim, So-Young
Nat’l Inst. of Agricultural Sci. RDA, Korea
Choe, Deokyeong
Kyungpook National University, Korea
Huang, Xi
Huazhong Agriculture University, China
Jun, Joon-Young
Korea Food Research Institute, Korea
Lee, Eun Joo
Univ of Wisconsin, Stout, USA
Lee, Syng-Ook
Keimyung University, Korea
Aziza, Abeer E.
Mansoura University, Egypt

Ethics Editor

Kim, Beob Gyun
Konkuk University, Korea

Statistics Editor

Cho, Gyo-Young
Kyungpook National University, Korea

English Editor


Editorial Advisory Board

Abeyrathne, E.D.N.S
UVA Wellassa university, Sri Lanka
Ameer, Kashif
University of Sargodha, Pakistan
Arshad, Sajid
Government College Univ. F, Pakistan
Baik, Oon-Doo
University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Chen, Feng
Clemson University, USA
Cho, Jeong-Yong
Chonnam National University, Korea
Cho, Sungeun
Auburn University, USA
Chung, Hun-Sik
Pusan National University, Korea
Eun, Jong Bang
Chonnam National University, Korea
Feng, Xi
San Jose State University, USA
Furuta, Masakazu
Osaka Metropolitan University, Japan
Ha, Sang-Do
Chung-Ang University, Korea
Han, Jae Joon
Korea University, Korea
Heo, Ho Jin
Gyeongsang National University, Korea
Hong, Sae-Jin
Gangneung-Wonju National University, Korea
Jeon, Yu-Jin
Jeju National University, Korea
Jeong, Woo Sik
Kyungpook National University, Korea
Jo, Cheorun
Seoul National University, Korea
Kang, Dong-Hyun
Seoul National University, Korea
Kim, Mi Jeong
Changwon National University, Korea
Lee, Bonggi
Pukyoung National University, Korea
Lee, Ki-Teak
Chungnam National University, Korea
Lee, Sun-Ok
University of Arkansas, USA
Mendonca, Aubrey F.
Iowa State University, USA
Oh, DeogHwan
Kangwon National University, Korea
Oyeyinka, Samson A.
University of Lincoln, UK
Park, Enoch Y.
Shizuoka University, Japan
Ryu, Gi-Hyung
Kongju National University, Korea
Sanyal, Bhaskar
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India
Seo, Kwon-il
Dong-ah University, Korea
Sohn, Ho-Yong
Andong National University, Korea
Zaboli, Gholamreza
University of Zabol, Zabol, Iran
Zheng, Hu-Zhe
Jiangsu Food & Pharm. Sci College, China

Manuscript & Layout Editors

Kim, Kyeongmin
KoSFoP, Korea
Lee, Suyeon
Guhmok Publishing Co., Korea

Publishing Credentials

Prof. Joong-Ho Kwon (Editor-in-Chief) has been serving as an EIC of Korean Journal of Food Preservation (Scopus) since 2019. He was an EIC of Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition (Scopus) in 1999, an Editor of Food Science and Biotechnology (SCIE) in 2011-2012, and currently serving as an Academic Editor of Foods (MDPI). He has been a Reviewer of international journals (J Food Sci, J Agric Food Chem, Food Chem, Radiat Phys Chem, Food Sci Biotechnol, etc.)

Prof. Jeung-Hee Lee (Deputy Editor-in-Chief) has been an Editor (2019-2021) and DEIC of Korean Journal of Food Preservation (Scopus) since 2022. She is currently serving as a Guest Editor for journal Foods (MDPI). She has been a Reviewer of International Journals (Food Science and Biotechnology, Molecules, Foods, Food Chemistry, etc.), and Korean journals (Journal of Korean Society of Food Science ad Nutrition, and Korean Society of Food & Cookery Science, etc.)

Prof. Mi Jeong Kim has been an Editor of Korean Journal of Food Preservation (Scopus) since 2020 and a Managing Editor (since 2021) of Preventive Nutrition and Food Science (Scopus). She has been a Reviewer of International Journals (Food Chemistry, Foods, Molecules, etc).

Prof. Soo Rin Kim has been an Editor of Korean Journal of Food Preservation (Scopus) since 2021 and an Associate Editor (since 2021) of Critical Reviews in Biotechnology (IF: 9.062).

Prof. Bonggi Lee has been an Editor of Korean Journal of Food Preservation (Scopus) since 2020. He has experience participating as a Guest Editor in SCI journals (Oxidative Medicine & Cellular Longevity and Foods). Currently, he has been an editorial member and reviewer of the Journal of Marine Bioscience and Biotechnology.

Role of Editors and Editorial Board members

Role of Editor-in-Chief

The Editor-in-chief (EIC) has the final responsibility for reviewing and publishing the manuscript in the journal after hearing the opinions of reviewers and editors invited. The EIC is the final decision maker on publishing and editorial policies, and presides over the editorial board meeting. When issues related to publication ethics arise, the EIC presides over an extraordinary meeting to resolve each issue and finally decides on the journal's statement. EIC recommends editorial board members to the President of the Korean Society of Food Preservation. He attends the executive board meeting of the Society to explain the journal’s status and budget. Externally, the EIC attends meetings of editors’ associations as a delegate of the Society.

Role of Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Deputy Editor-in-Chief (DEIC) helps the EIC to decide whether the submitted manuscripts are suitable for the purpose and scope of the journal and whether it is possible to proceed with the peer review by writing according to the submission format. She also oversees plagiarism checks using Copy Killer and/or CrossCheck (iThenticate). DEIC meets regularly with EIC to discuss issues that arise during the review process and convene an editorial meeting for the final editing of each issue. DEIC also administers journal regulations.

Role of editors and editorial board members

The editor manages the review process by inviting reviewers for peer review of the assigned manuscript. After reviewing the results, the editor recommends the EIC to accept, revise, or reject the manuscript while communicating with the contributor. The editor meets on a regular basis in each issue, communicating with the authors for proofreading. They discuss editorial policies, suggest improvements, frequently participate in manuscript reviews, and may recommend new reviewers. They can ask colleagues to submit manuscripts to journals and recommend authors for review articles. They solicit submissions from foreign authors and share mutual experiences and opinions among editorial board members including editors.

Ethics editor

The Ethics Editor, on the recommendation of the EIC, provides a consultation and resolution process for publishing ethics issues. Ethics editors also provide lectures on research and publishing ethics issues to reviewers and editorial board members as part of regular journal-sponsored training sessions.

Statistical editor

Statistical editor thoroughly reviews the appropriateness and logical interpretation of the statistics used in the manuscript. Any defects found are reported to the EIC or Associate EIC and shared with the authors for improvement.

English editor

The English editor proofreads all manuscripts for abstracts and English abstracts, and the entire manuscript for English papers. Suggestions are provided for a better flow and logical thinking process.

Manuscript & Lay-out editors

The Manuscript editors check the style and format of all manuscripts according to the journal’s guidelines. The layout editor creates a PDF file according to the format of the journal.

Journal Title Change

We announce that the title of our journal and related information were changed as below from January, 2024.


Before (~2023.12)

After (2024.01~)

Journal Title

Korean Journal of Food Preservation

Food Science and Preservation

Journal Abbreviation

Korean J. Food Preserv.

Food Sci. Preserv.







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