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Korean Journal of Food Preservation. Vol. 26, No. 1, 2019

Effect of mixed natural extract treatment on quality characteristics of fresh-cut lettuce during storage
로즈마리 복합 추출물 처리가 fresh-cut 양상추의 저장 중 품질 변화에 미치는 영향
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(1):1-7.
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Microbial inactivation modeling and salting characteristics of shredded kimchi cabbages (Brassica pekinensis L.) treated with radio frequency heating
라디오파 가열 처리한 절단 배추의 미생물 불활성 모델링 및 절임 특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(1):8-16.
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Storage stability of sourdough bread with lactic acid bacteria culture solution and cinnamon extract
유산균 배양액과 계피추출물을 첨가한 sourdough bread의 저장 중 품질변화
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(1):17-26.
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Changes in physiological characteristics and functional compounds of ‘Kkwariput’, ‘Gilsang’ and ‘Cheongyang’ pepper fruit after harvest
‘꽈리풋’, ‘길상’, ‘청양’ 고추의 수확 후 생리특성 및 기능성 성분 변화
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(1):27-37.
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Evaluation of phytochemical contents and physiological activity in Panax ginseng sprout during low-temperature aging
저온숙성 과정 중 새싹인삼의 이화학적 특성변화
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(1):38-48.
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Analysis of quality characteristics of Ligularia fischeri cultivated in a greenhouse and an open field based on the harvest time
시설 및 노지재배 곰취의 수확시기에 따른 식품학적 특성 분석
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(1):49-58.
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Evaluation of phytochemical constituents and organoleptic properties of mulberry leaf tea obtained by different processing methods
가공방법에 따른 뽕잎차의 기능성성분 및 관능특성 평가
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(1):59-67.
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Bread-making properties of rice bread added with naked oat flours
쌀귀리를 첨가한 쌀식빵의 제빵적성
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(1):68-73.
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Quality characteristics of muffin added with Elaeagnus multiflora powder
뜰보리수 분말 첨가 머핀의 품질특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(1):74-82.
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Baking characteristics of white bread containing added varieties of rice powder
종류별 쌀 분말을 첨가한 식빵의 제빵 특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(1):83-89.
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Ginsenoside contents and antioxidant activities of cultivated mountain ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) with different ages
산양삼의 년근별 진세노사이드 함량 및 항산화 활성
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(1):90-100.
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Analysis of biogenic amines and inorganic elements in Cheonggukjang
청국장 중 바이오제닉 아민 및 무기원소함량 분석
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(1):101-108.
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Antioxidant effects of ethanol extracts from plants on semi-dried eels
반건조 장어에 대한 식물 주정 추출물의 항산화 효과
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(1):109-114.
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Evaluation of antioxidant activity of alcohol-free Moru wine using on-line HPLC
On-line HPLC법에 의한 무알코올 머루 발효액의 항산화능 평가
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(1):115-122.
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Optimization of fermentation conditions Protaetia brevitarsis seulensis larvae using Bacillus subtilis
Bacillus subtilis를 이용한 발효굼벵이 분말 추출물의 최적배양조건에 따른 경시적 변화
Korean J Food Preserv 2019;26(1):123-133.
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