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Korean Journal of Food Preservation. Vol. 28, No. 4, 2021

Hyperspectral imaging technigue for monitoring moisture content of blueberry during the drying process
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2021;28(4):445-455.
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Evaluation of the quality characteristics of protein cubes supplemented with moringa leaf (Moringa oleifera Lam.) and green tea powders
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2021;28(4):456-468.
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Effects of gelling agents and sugar substitutes on the quality characteristics of carrot jelly
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2021;28(4):469-479.
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Quality and antioxidant properties of wheat cookies supplemented with maqui berry powder
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2021;28(4):480-488.
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Phenylpropanoids, lignan glucosides, feruloyltyramines, and flavonoid glycosides, as antioxidative compounds from aerial parts of Suaeda japonica
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2021;28(4):489-500.
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Evaluation of the physicochemical properties of starch isolated from thinned young ‘Fuji’ apples compared to corn and potato starches
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2021;28(4):501-509.
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Effect of particle size on the physicochemical and morphological properties of Hypsizygus marmoreus mushroom powder and its hot-water extracts
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2021;28(4):504-549.
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Optimization of ultrasonic-assisted extraction of polyphenols and antioxidants from cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.)
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2021;28(4):510-521.
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Extraction optimization of luteolin, antioxidant compound, from Arachis hypogaea L. hull using response surface methodology
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2021;28(4):522-531.
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Growth of Salmonella in napa cabbage kimchi during fermentation
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2021;28(4):532-539.
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