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Korean Journal of Food Preservation. Vol. 23, No. 1, 2016

Comparison of the antioxidant and physiological activities of grape seed extracts prepared with different drying methods
건조방법에 따른 포도씨의 항산화 활성의 변화
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):1-6.
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The effect of decylcyclopropene derivative on the softening of ‘Fuyu’persimmon fruits
Decylcyclopropene 유도체가 부유 단감 과실의 연화에 미치는 영향
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):7-11.
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Effect of different days of postharvest treatment and CO2 concentrations on the quality of‘Seolhyang’strawberry during storage
수확 후 CO2 처리 시기 및 농도에 따른 ‘설향’ 딸기 저장 중 품질변화
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):12-19.
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Hyaluronidase inhibitory activity of extracted phenolic compounds from ultrafine grind Saururus chinensis
초미세 분쇄한 삼백초로부터 추출된 phenolic 화합물의 hyaluronidase 억제 효과
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):20-26.
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Change of quality characteristics in fresh-cut‘Romaine’lettuce by heat treatment
열처리에 따른 신선편이 ‘로메인’ 상추의 품질 특성 변화
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):27-33.
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Quality characteristics of vinegar fermented with different amounts of black garlic and alcohol
흑마늘의 첨가량과 초기 알코올 농도를 달리한 발효 식초의 품질특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):34-41.
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Quality characteristics of white (Baktae) and black (Seoritae) soybean curds coagulated by Omija extract
오미자 추출액을 응고제로 이용한 백태 및 서리태 두부의 품질특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):42-48.
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Physicochemical components of Astragalus membranaceus fermented with mushroom mycelia
담자균 균사체가 배양된 황기의 이화학적 성분분석
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):49-56.
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Physicochemical and antioxidant properties in Allium hookeri by hot air-and freeze-drying methods
건조방법에 따른 삼채의 이화학적 성분 및 항산화 활성 비교
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):57-62.
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Determination of the volatile flavor components of orange and grapefruit by simultaneous distillation-extraction
연속수증기증류추출법에 의한 오렌지와 자몽의 휘발성 유기화합물 확인
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):63-73.
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Anti-melanogenic effect of Eruca sativa extract
루꼴라(Eruca sativa) 추출물의 멜라닌 생성 저해 효과
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):74-79.
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Physiological activities of natural color powders and their mixtures
천연소재로부터 분리한 색소분말과 혼합물의 생리활성
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):80-88.
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Chemical compositions and antioxidant activities of Cheonnyuncho (Opuntia humifusa) stems and fruit
천년초의 성분특성과 항산화
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):89-96.
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Antioxidant and digestive enzyme inhibitory effects of Eisenia bicyclis extracted by different methods
추출방법에 따른 대황 추출물의 항산화 및 소화효소 저해 효과
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):97-103.
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Effect of commercial Makgeolli on tumor growth in tumor xenograft mice
종양이식 모델 쥐에서 동결건조 시판 막걸리가 종양성장에 미치는 영향
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):104-109.
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Functional food activities of extracts from Pinus densiflora root
동송근(Pinus densiflora root) 추출물의 기능성식품 활성
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):110-116.
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Quality characteristics of tangerine peel Soksungjang prepared from different koji strains
균주를 달리하여 제조한 귤피 속성장의 특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):117-126.
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Characteristics and nutritional compositions of two jujube varieties cultivated in Korea
국내산 대추품종의 품질특성 및 영양성분 비교
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):127-130.
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Effect of controlled atmosphere conditions on the quality and internal disorder of early season‘Fuji’apples during storage
Controlled atmosphere 저장 시스템을 이용한 기체조성 변화가 조생 ‘후지’사과의 저장 중 품질 및 내부장해 발생에 미치는 영향
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):131-138.
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Identification of electron beam-resistant bacteria in the microbialreduction of dried laver (Porphyra tenera) subjected to electron beam treatment
전자선 처리에 따른 마른 김(Porphyra tenera)의 미생물 저감화 효과와 저항성 세균의 동정
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(1):139-143.
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