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Korean Journal of Food Preservation. Vol. 21, No. 3, 2014

Inhibitory effect of dietary turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) ethanol extract on DMBA-induced mammary carcinogenesis in rats
울금 투여에 의한 DMBA 유발 랫드 유선암화과정 억제효과
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):301-307.
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Storage characteristics of milled rice according to milling system types
백미 제조방식에 따른 저장특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):308-314.
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Comparison of the effects of gamma ray, electron beam, and X-ray irradiation to improve safety of black pepper powder
후춧가루의 위생화를 위한 감마선, 전자선 및 X-선 조사 효과 비교
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):315-320.
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Physicochemical characteristics of garlic (Allium sativum L.) shoots from different areas in Namhae
남해지역 마늘종의 이화학적 특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):321-327.
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Quality characteristics of Maejakgwa with added Nelumbo nucifera leaf powder
연잎 분말을 첨가한 매작과의 품질특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):328-333.
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Moisture sorption isotherms of corn powder as affected by roasting temperature
볶음온도에 따른 옥수수 분말의 흡습특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):334-340.
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Effects of drying methods on quality characteristics and antioxidative effects of Omija (Schizandra chinesis bailon)
건조방법을 달리한 오미자의 품질특성 및 항산화 효과
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):341-349.
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Fermentation characteristic of Yeongdeok Bobsikhae to which a natural substance (Bellflower) was added
길경을 첨가한 영덕밥식해의 발효 특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):350-356.
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Effect of acidic electrolyzed water on the quality improvement of boiled-dried anchovy
자건 멸치의 품질 개선에 대한 산성 전해수의 영향
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):357-364.
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Relationship between the fruit size and the quality properties of imported Valencia oranges
수입 Valencia 오렌지의 크기와 품질특성의 상관성
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):365-372.
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Nutritional components and antioxidant activities of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertner flower and its wine
연화 및 연화주의 영양성분 및 항산화활성
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):373-380.
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Analysis of radiation induced hydrocarbons by electron-beam irradiation in dried squid (Todarodes pacificus) and octopus (Paroctopus dofleini)
전자선 조사한 건조된 오징어와 문어에서 유도된 지방분해산물의 분석
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):381-387.
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Nutritional composition and functionality of mixed cereals powder
혼합잡곡분말의 영양성 및 기능성
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):388-395.
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Antioxidant activity and inhibition activity against α-amylase and α-glucosidase of Juniperus rigida Sieb extracts
노간주나무(Juniperus rigida Sieb) 추출물의 항산화 활성 및 α-amylase와 α-glucosidase에 대한 저해활성
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):396-403.
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Antioxidant activity of extracts from soybean and small black bean
대두와 쥐눈이콩 추출물의 항산화 활성에 관한 연구
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):404-411.
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Effect of fermented Hovenia dulcis Thunb fruit water extract on biomarker for liver injury and body weight changes in rats given oral administration of ethanol
헛개열매추출액발효물이 흰쥐의 에탄올 경구투여에 의한 간손상 지표와 체중 감량 완화에 미치는 영향
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):412-420.
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Antioxidant and pancreatic lipase inhibitory activities of Anemarrhena asphodeloides
지모 추출물의 항산화 및 pancreatic lipase 저해 활성 평가
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):421-426.
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Antimicrobial activities of Lindera obtusiloba Blume and Zanthoxylum piperitum DC extracts
생강나무(Lindera obtusiloba Blume)와 초피나무(Zanthoxylum piperitum DC) 추출물의 항균활성
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):427-433.
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Quality characteristics of Doenjang manufactured with soybean Koji
콩 코오지를 이용한 된장의 품질 특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):434-441.
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Characterization of alkaline cellulase from Bacillus subtilis 4-1 isolated from Korean traditional soybean paste
전통 장류에서 분리된 알칼리성 Cellulase 생성 Bacillus subtilis 4-1 균주의 효소학적 특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2014;21(3):442-450.
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