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Korean Journal of Food Preservation. Vol. 27, No. 7, 2020

CO2 treatment and co-treatment with ClO2 improves quality of ‘Dotaerang’ tomato during storage
‘도태랑’ 토마토의 이산화탄소 및 이산화염소 복합 처리에 따른 저장기간 중 품질 향상 효과
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2020;27(7):837-849.
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Growth of Escherichia coli and Listeria monocytogenes on radish microgreens washed with sodium hypochlorite during storage
차아염소산나트륨 세척 후 적무 어린잎채소 저장에 따른 Escherichia coliListeria monocytogenes 의 생장
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2020;27(7):850-858.
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Determination of quality characteristics by the reproduction of grain vinegars reported in ancient literature
고문헌에 수록된 곡류식초 재현을 통한 품질 특성
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2020;27(7):859-871.
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Analyses of functional components of grapes and grape products
포도 및 포도가공식품의 기능성 성분 분석
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2020;27(7):872-879.
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Comparison of chlorogenic acid and rutin contents and antioxidant activity of Dendropanax morbiferus extracts according to ethanol concentration
주정 농도에 따른 황칠나무(Dendropanax morbiferus) 부위별클로로젠산 및 루틴 함량과 항산화 활성 비교
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2020;27(7):880-887.
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Effect of the use of ‘Meju’ added with roasted rice on the quality of ‘Ganjang’
볶음쌀을 첨가한 메주 사용이 간장의 품질에 미치는 영향
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2020;27(7):888-896.
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Quality characteristics and antioxidant activities of rice crispy cereal added with Enteromorpha prolifera
가시파래 첨가 크리스피 쌀과자의 품질 특성 및 항산화 활성
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2020;27(7):897-905.
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Characterization and refining of Berryteuthis magister viscera oil
갈고리흰오징어 내장 유지의 특성 및 정제
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2020;27(7):906-914.
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Quality characteristics of solid starters manufactured with Aspergillus oryzae OF5-20
누룩곰팡이 Aspergillus oryzae OF5-20를 이용한 쌀 품종별 고상종국제조 및 품질특성
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2020;27(7):915-924.
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Higher production of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) by co-fermentation lactic acid bacteria with Rhus verniciflura extract
옻나무 추출물의 젖산균 혼합 발효를 통한 고농도 γ-aminobutyric acid(GABA) 생산
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2020;27(7):925-935.
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Optimization of ‘Nuruk’, alcohol, and acetic acid fermentations for producing vinegar from Acorus gramineus roots
창포식초 생산을 위한 누룩, 알코올 및 초산발효 조건 최적화
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2020;27(7):936-945.
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Diversity of Bacillus groups isolated from fermented soybean foods (‘Doenjang’ and ‘Kanjang’) and their fermentation characteristics of ‘Cheonggukjang’
콩 발효식품(된장 및 간장)에서 분리된 Bacillus 그룹의 다양성과이들의 청국장 발효특성
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2020;27(7):946-958.
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Antioxidative and angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory activities of Eastern eel (Anguilla japonica)
민물장어의 항산화 활성과 안지오텐신 I 전환효소 저해 효과
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2020;27(7):959-972.
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Anti-allergic effects of onion, apple, cucumber, ginger, and broccoli mixtures and their bioactive compounds in RBL-2H3 cells
양파, 사과, 오이, 생강, 브로콜리 혼합물들 및 이들에 함유된 생리활성물질의 RBL-2H3 세포에서 알레르기 반응 저해효과
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2020;27(7):973-983.
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Effect of red chicory extract on scopolamine-induced memory impairment in mice
Scopolamine으로 유도한 기억력 저하 마우스에 대한적치커리 추출물의 개선효과
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2020;27(7):984-991.
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Erratum to: Identification and characterization of the proteolytic microorganism isolated from salt mackerel
Erratum to: 간고등어로부터 분리한 부패성 미생물의 동정 및 생육 특성
Korean J. Food Preserv. 2020;27(7):992
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