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Korean Journal of Food Preservation. Vol. 23, No. 3, 2016

Changes in the physicochemical quality, functional properties, and actinidin content of kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis) during postharvest storage
후숙시기 동안 참다래의 품질, 기능성 및 액티니딘 함량 변화 조사
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):291-300.
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Changes in quality characteristic of immature flat persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thunb) during heat treatment aging
열처리 숙성 중 반시 미숙과의 이화학적 특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):301-309.
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Changes in the quality characteristics and chemical compounds of garlic shoots for blanching
데치기 처리에 따른 마늘종의 이화학적 품질 특성 변화
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):310-318.
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Characterization and optimization for beverage manufacture using Korean red ginseng extract
기호성 개선 인삼농축액 제조를 위한 추출 조건 설정
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):319-325.
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Production of fermented Omija (Schizandra chinensis) beverage fortified with high content of gamma-amino butyric acid using Lactobacillus plantarum
오미자(Schizandra chinensis) 열매 추출물의 Lactobacillus plantarum 젖산발효를 통한 고농도 GABA 함유 발효음료 제조
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):326-334.
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Physicochemical characteristics of acorn tea by processing methods
제조방법에 따른 도토리 차의 이화학적 특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):335-340.
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Investigation of quality characteristics and alcohol content in commercial Korean fermented sources
시판 장류의 알코올 함유량 및 품질특성 조사
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):341-346.
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Quality characteristics of detoxified Rhus verniciflua vinegar fermented using different acetic acid bacteria
초산균 종류에 따른 무독화 옻식초의 품질 특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):347-354.
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Quality characteristics of spray dried powder from unripe fig extract
미숙 무화과 추출물을 이용한 분무건조 분말의 품질특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):355-360.
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Physicochemical components and antioxidant activity of Sparassis crispa mixture fermented by lactic acid bacteria
유산균 발효 꽃송이버섯 혼합물의 이화학적 성분과 항산화 활성
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):361-368.
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Effects of superheated steam treatment on volatile compounds and quality characteristics of onion
과열 증기 처리에 따른 양파의 향기 성분 및 품질특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):369-377.
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Protective effects of quality certified traditional Doenjang in Korea on TNF-α-induced vascular inflammation in human umbilical vein endothelial cells
혈관내피세포에서 TNF-α 자극에 의해 유도되는 혈관염증에 대한 전통식품 품질인증 된장의 효능 평가
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):378-386.
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Antioxidant properties of brownish natural dyeing agents from medicinal plant
갈색계 천연색소 추출물의 항산화 특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):387-392.
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Biological activities of Aster scaber extracts
참취(Aster scaber) 추출물의 생리활성
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):393-401.
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Formation of biogenic amines and bioactivities of Makgeolli under different fermentation conditions
발효조건에 따른 막걸리의 Biogenic Amines(BAs)의 생성과 생리활성
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):402-412.
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Changes in physicochemical characteristics of porcine blood under various conditions of enzyme hydrolysis
효소분해조건에 따른 돈혈의 식품학적 품질 특성 변화
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):413-421.
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Comparison of temperature measurements methods to investigate the causes of deformation of packaging materials during microwave heating
전자레인지의 가열조리 시 포장재의 열변형 원인 규명을 위한 온도 측정 방법 비교
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):422-431.
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Antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of Jeok Hasuo (Polygonum multiflorum Thunb.) and Baek Hasuo (Cynanchi wilfordii Radix) root extracts
적하수오 및 백하수오 추출물의 항산화 및 항균 활성
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):432-437.
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Estimating the freezing and supercooling points of Korean agricultural products from experimental and quality characteristics
국내산 농산물의 과냉각 및 동결점 분석
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):438-444.
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Quality characteristics of frozen brown rice Jeung-pyun dough containing different amounts of acorn flour
도토리가루의 첨가량을 달리하여 제조한 냉동 현미증편반죽의 품질특성
Korean J Food Preserv 2016;23(3):445-452.
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